Arthur Iinuma


founding partner at ISBX

Arthur derives his business experience through the culmination of various disciplines acquired throughout years of professional experience both in the United States and Southeast Asia and leads in the development of new business, growth strategy and capital finance.

Arthur's financial experience includes managing investments at Morgan Stanley, as well UBS Private Bank where he served as Vice President of Investments - the youngest within the region. He has also worked overseas leading in the expansion of a Southeast Asian real estate development company as their Executive Director. During this time, Arthur had been involved in the internet marketing and consulting fields, alongside Kelly, on various projects as a Project and Account Manager.

Arthur currently serves as a Principal of a private equity firm centered around the acquisition and development of real estate properties and maintains an agency managing the import of goods into the United States. He holds a Bachelor's in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of California, Riverside.

Arthur's experience as a promoter of business development will serve as the cornerstone for the allocation of resources and investment in regards to the future expansion of the company.