Tienshiao Ma

Chief Technology Officer

Developing apps at ISBX since 2012

Tienshiao started his career building backend infrastructure and web services for many successful online businesses and web properties. Overtime he has developed a strong expertise in building mobile applications starting from the PalmPilot days and now with iOS and Android applications. The years of experience learning to optimize code, memory usage, and integration across platforms has allowed Tienshiao to cultivate a deep understanding of creating the most responsive web and mobile applications possible.

Throughout his career Tienshiao has developed algorithms and invented new ad serving paradigms that has transformed the mobile and desktop landscape. In addition, Tienshiao has extensive experience with video optimization, encoding, and streaming technologies to help ISBX clients launch mobile apps that provide the best in class user experience. These experiences serve to guide the ISBX team when building today's complex backend integrated mobile apps.

Since being at ISBX, Tienshiao has successfully lead projects with the smallest of clients to the largest of them, covering the spectrum of web to mobile. At the same time he has sought to grow the team by pushing the continuous evolution and refinement of the team's skills, processes, and use of technology.

Tienshiao holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from University of California, Los Angeles.