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The Lexus Experience Begins with Personal Service

The Challenge

ISBX was approached by partner agency, T1M on behalf of Lexus to help apply it's expertise in mobile application development to build out the "My Lexus and Beyond" iOS application. T1M, a respected and long-standing creative powerhouse based in Pasadena, CA took on the creative direction of the application but needed a solid mobile execution shop within the Los Angeles area to help build out the rich experience the app had to offer

The Solution

ISBX approached the solution by developing the application natively in Objective-C. The decision was based on the client's feedback as well as the requirement to build a high performance application with flawless execution. ISBX was tasked with building, essentially, two applications - one designed for the iPhone with specific implementations to accommodate for the limited screen real estate, as well as a dedicated iPad version, with large sweeping transitions and a custom layout for the larger screen.

Since the app was intended to be used by Lexus owners, on the road, and potentially away from a reliable internet connection, ISBX architected the app as an "offline capable" experience, that made use of iOS' CoreData functionality to store local content and augmented this with additional logic to pull any updated or revised content from Lexus' servers. The client also wanted to maximize the personal experience and ISBX was tasked with bringing in user specific data such as personal mileage and vehicle history, as well as information around their local dealerships, service centers and scheduled service intervals.

The Result

The result? A perfectly executed application that released on time, on budget, and with virtually no issues or bugs. ISBX has since continued to enhance the application in a second phase and continues the engagement with our partner agency and the Lexus brand.

  • iTunes App Store - iPad and iPhone App
  • Web Services
  • Analytics
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Calendar Scheduling

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