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Exclusive Access. Invitation Only. The Ultimate in Beauté

The Challenge

ISBX was approached by world renown beauty and cosmetics brand, L'Oreal to help develop an exclusive tablet application for Android in close partnership with Acer, that would given to celebrity guests during the annual Grammy Award's ceremony held in Los Angeles, CA. The requirements were ambitious - encourage celebrity users to socially promote the brand from within the application, while allowing the brand to track each promotion.

The Solution

ISBX developed the L'Oreal Beaute Concierge application designed specifically for the required tablet format. The application featured a rich collection of over 800 product SKU's and allowed for order placement and fulfillment from directly within the application as well as strategically placed "opportunities" to encourage social promotion by the app user. In the backend, ISBX developed a robust administration system that allowed key L'Oreal staff and partners to track social promotions, as well as generate reports to assist the brand in engaging with each celebrity user. In order to create a seamless experience, ISBX built a custom installer that would deploy the application directly onto the device and launch the application upon power-up, bypassing the main home screen completely. Guests were welcomed with an introductory welcome letter from the brand's president, prior to engaging with the Beaute Concierge experience.

ISBX led from the storyboarding to the creative and development process. And worked closely with Acer to deploy limited installs on selected devices.

The Results

ISBX was able to deliver the completed application, well in advance of the Grammy Awards ceremony and provide full post-deployment support and maintenance to the L'Oreal team. ISBX also continued to enhance the application with deeper features to help create a more meaningful experience for each user. ISBX handed over all source code and development files so that the brand could continue to administer and update the app, in-house.

  • Android Tablet App and OEM Integration
  • Web Services
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • In-App Shopping
  • Push Notification and Messaging
  • Social Media Integration

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